Facebook Ads coupons free

Facebook Ads Coupons Hack

Here are a couple of tricks that may actually help you boost up your business or personal pages on Facebook. You can get free Facebook Ads coupons and use them to get more likes, shares, visits to your sites, app downloads and much more. All these methods are 100% legitimate and applicable for new users only.


In order to get these Facebook Ads Coupons for free, you will need:

1) Facebook account (personal profile and fan page)

2) Valid email address

3) Your personal data (or you can get a random data from this site – http://fakenamegenerator.com )


$100 Facebook Ads Coupon Generation Technique:

  • Log in to your new Facebook account
  • Visit this URL – https://www.facebook.com/business/apac-agency-yourclients
  • Fill in the form. Put in random information for Agency name and Agency website. In the field For Agency location, you can select any country. For Phone, put in a random number (in the country you selected – get it on fakenamegenerator.com). In Work mail, you need to put a valid email (as you will get coupons on that email). For all the other fields, you can put in anything.
  • After that, you will need to create pages (make sure they have basic info, like picture, address). When any of your pages gets 1000 likes (you can use any type of likes, eg., real people or through bots), they will send you a free Facebook Ads coupon very soon afterwards.
  • Repeat the same process for all of the pages you create (get them to have at least 1000 likes) and you will get a free Facebook Ad coupon for each of them.
  • This sums it up to the ‘1000 Page Likes Milestone’ where you will get a $100 ad coupon free when the client’s page gets 1000 likes.
  • NOTE: The coupon is only valid for Facebook pages created after you enrolled in the small business program.
  • They will send you coupons in your email you provided, just apply it (find more info here- facebook.com/help/243807179069441/).That’s it!
  • Don’t forget to read their Terms & Conditions of service and rules for getting and applying coupons.

$50 (USA and Worldwide), Ł25 (UK) Facebook Ads Coupons:

  • Log in to your new Facebook account
  • For (USA & Worldwide) go to this URL https://www.facebook.com/business/start2success. For (UK) go to this URL – https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/start2success
  • Fill in the form in the same manner as described in the previous coupon generation technique.
  • Estimated Monthly Budget – you can put in anything.
  • After that, Facebook will contact you by email and phone support. You’ll get $50 USD free ad credit.
  • When you do that and they send you coupons in your email, just apply it (find more info here- facebook.com/help/243807179069441/).
  • That is it, make sure you go through their Terms & Conditions.


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