Remove number from Truecaller

Remove Your Number from Truecaller Database

We all know that Truecaller has emerged to be one of the most powerful directories when it comes to contact information, mostly phone number and the owners’ name. Many a times you would not like your name to be displayed publicly to each and everyone who happens to have your contact number. It also shows your social networking feeds if your number is linked to them. Most of the times, if you have a smartphone, you can download the Truecaller application from the App Store/ Play Store/ Windows store and edit your profile, but what to do when you don’t have it? This is when this trick comes in handy; you can unlist that phone number of yours from the Truecaller directory and rest assured that those who have your phone number, won’t necessary know your name and additional contact information, and vice versa. Here is how we unlist a certain phone number from the Truecaller database, check out the process to remove your number from Truecaller database:

  • Visit
  • Feed in your number that you want to be removed from Truecaller
  • Provide a reason for removing the number and complete the captcha verification
  • Click on the ‘UNLIST’ button in the last and that should be it!

Remember that once unlisted, you cannot list a number back on Truecaller.

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