Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card – Generate Online

Sometimes, we are struck at a place where having a credit card seems to be a necessity. It may be a situation where a seller accepts only credit card as a payment method, or where your debit card type is not supported. Thus comes the concept of a Virtual Credit Card; a card generated online that you can use to make payments without disclosing your actual credit card credentials to the internet. It is not a physical card, but you will get all the details that should be available on a card, for example, card number, valid up to, CVV number. You can provide a name you want while generating it online. It is a great way to stay away from credit card frauds as your physical card details are not entered anywhere, thus eliminating any possible chances of your card details being stolen. Besides providing you a sense of security, Virtual Credit Cards have these features in the offering for you:

  • Can be used for PayPal verification.
  • Useful for running Facebook advertisement campaigns without the risk of your account being overcharged, since the card is prepaid, and being virtual, it’s easily disposable.
  • Can be obtained within a matter of minutes, no paperwork required.
  • You can add as much funds to it as required, and the added funds can be used for payments made online worldwide, wherever the seller accepts Debit/Credit cards.
  • Suitable for online payments, but can’t help you in Point-Of-Sale purchases.
  • Should not be used for recurring payments as these cards have a close expiry date.

There are a number of sites where you can obtain or buy these Virtual Credit Cards, I personally prefer Entropay, but there are a few more you could try including OKPay, Bancore and Neteller. You just need to register on their site by filling in some information, and apply for a virtual card that may be a Mastercard or Visa Credit card. Of course you will need to load funds into it before using, but having such options is always a great thing.

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