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Online streaming is getting popular. Many websites are providing that facility for free though there are many websites and app has premium services. Many TV channels are also running their own online streaming. But there is a problem, most of the time there aren’t any permission to download those content. Maybe we can’t download live streaming but I will show you how to download those videos though there aren’t any permission.

For downloading videos or other content, most of the internet users use IDM but that is also premium software. You may use crack, but then you can’t get the update. Most of the crack won’t work for you and many more problems. So what’s the solution?

You can use various plug-in for the browser to download movie and video for free. There are many plug-in you can find online. Here, I will discuss on a plug-in that I use. I will show you how to install and use.


‘Video Downloader professional’ for Chrome

To install the video, open Google chrome. Then click on control option of Chrome on the top-right side. Then click on ‘settings’.


In the left bar, you will have 3 options, Select ‘Extensions’. Then at the bottom you will see ‘Get more extensions’, click on that.


Now search ‘Video Downloader professional’. Avoid apps. In extensions, you will see ‘Video Downloader professional, from’ on top position. Now just click on free and within few second you will have the extensions on Google Chrome.


Now you can see a downward arrow option on the top right side near control option of Google Chrome. Now visit any website and run any video that haven’t the permission to download. After starting the video, you will see that the color of the arrow changed. Click on that and you will see the video name there, just click on the name and you will have the video.


‘Flash Video Downloader’ for Firefox

To install the add-on, first click on ‘menu’ option. Then click on ‘Add-ons’ option.


Now you can see your browser extensions.  Search ‘video Downloader’ and install the add-on.


You will see that on the taskbar. Now open any video and from any website and check the add-on just likes Google Chrome.


Can’t see videos after downloading from YouTube?

You may have some problem with YouTube videos. Sometimes you will only have audio! This is happening for YouTube’s new technique. After downloading videos from YouTube convert then to MP4 and enjoy the video. To do this, you can use any converter. I am using ‘Any Video Converter’. This is premium software, but there is a legal free version too. To Download ‘Any Video Converter’ click here.


Now let’s see some most popular websites to watch and download movies and videos.


This is the world largest video sharing web site. Google is the owner of YouTube. People around the world spend more than 6 billion of hours in YouTube to see videos. But for popular videos you may feel disturbed for many adds. For large videos and movies, there may be many parts.



Hulu is running by NBC Universal, Fox, and Disney. It is also a great place to see movies. Though here you can see a movie in a single video file but there are few ads too. There is a premium service too, called Hulu Plus.



Dailymotion is also a video sharing websites. It is also very popular. Dailymotion is creating some threats to YouTube though most of the internet users like YouTube. In Dailymotion, you will have ads too but lower than YouTube.


You can browse movies, Documentary and any others videos in YouTube and Dailymotion. But only for Movies and TV shows Hulu is best choices. You can’t download videos from there directly, so use those Extensions and add-ons that I have discussed earlier. For YouTube, You may need to convert the video after downloading. Those websites are updating their security regularly. So after some time this add-on or extensions may not work. But you know how to search and install some different add-ons or extensions. Now download movie for free and enjoy yourself.

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